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Giving to Siyabhabha Trust

South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa but also has one of the highest levels of inequality in the world. 17 years after its demise, apartheid's legacy still lives on in the lives of over 24 million South Africans who live in poverty.

Initially established as the South African Council for Social Services in 1970, Siyabhabha Trust has been working for over 40 years to empower those affected by poverty and injustice.

By donating to Siyabhabha Trust you can make a difference in peoples' lives by;

  • Supporting individual families, households and communities to produce food both for themselves, and for vulnerable members of the community, to increase their incomes and to adapt to climate change
  • Improving the health, care and educational performance of children through enabling better learning environments in Early Childhood Development Centres
  • Improving the livelihoods of women through supporting the businesses of women craft makers
  • Improving community level impacts through building the capacity of Community Based Organisations
  • Building a united and non violent safe society through building communities of Peace Diversity and Care
  • Empowering communities to engage constructively with government on development and service delivery issues

Please support our vital work by donating now by bank transfer.

Making donations by Bank Transfer /wire
Name of Bank: Nedbank
Name of Branch: Pretoria
Branch Code: 160445
Account Number: 1604 754 087
Beneficiary: Siyabhabha Trust - National
Type of Account: Current
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ 160445

For information on making donations to a specific programme, or if you would like to receive a receipt valid for legal requirements or tax exemption purposes send an email to

Leaving a Legacy
For many donors a Legacy, or Planned Gift, is the largest gift that they will ever be able to make. Legacy Gifts have a huge impact on the work that we do at Siyabbhabha Trust. We rely heavily on donations. Any existing or new programmes must be funded through support from our donors and member organisations. Leaving your legacy can be as simple as including Siyabhabha Trust in your will or establishing a life insurance policy with Siyabhabha Trust as the beneficiary. The most popular method of Leaving a Legacy is to create a bequest through your will such as:

  • a percentage of your estate, cash, securities or property;
  • a residual bequest whereby Siyabhbaha Trust receives all or a portion of the remainder of your estate after all debts, taxes and other bequests have been dispensed.

If you do decide to include Siyabhabha Trust, we suggest that you speak with your lawyer about the drafting of your will, or the addition of a codicil. For further information on making a Planned Gift to Siyabhabha Trust, please contact our office at 27(0) 12 323 6458 or

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